Here's what you want to know.

  A lifelong Chicagoan with myriad interests, Mary Gerace has developed an enviable cadre
of metropolitan area contacts.

  For the past 16 years, after successful careers in real estate, bridal consulting services and wholesale interior furnishings, Mary has parlayed her considerable entrepreneurial skills and three decades of "professional volunteer" experience into an impressive record of assisting the local small business and philanthropic communities to reach their marketing goals.

She counts authors, artists, public speakers, Realtors, a variety of entrepreneurs and small
non-profit organizations among her clients. Read what they have to say here.

Dedicated to the concepts of giving back and paying it forward, Mary has always included pro bono projects in her client portfolio.

  A poised communicator with an immediate trust-instilling manner, Mary offers an approach
to her clients that's both results- and detail-oriented, a rare combination. Mary's reputation
for bridge-building, partnership collaborations, original ideas and exceptional flair is well-earned.

  Underscoring her commitment to outcome-driven affordability, one oft-repeated comment
is that she knows how to make a whole lot of valuable something out of a whole lot of
essentially nothing, and with uncommon rewards.